Laws by Name

  • Games of Chance(2004/35)
  • Games of chance(2011/04-L-080)
  • Gender Equality(2004/2)
  • Gender Equality(05/L-020)
  • General Administrative Procedure(05/L-031)
  • General Elections(2008/03-L073)
  • General product safety(2011/04-L-078)
  • General product safety, amending and supplementing the Law no. 04-L-078(2013/04-L-189)
  • General Safety of Products(2007/02-L-21)
  • Geographical Indications and Designations of Origin(05/L-051)
  • Geographical indications and designations of origin(2012/04-L-187)
  • Granting the Permit for Work and Employment of For(2009/03-L-136)