Laws by Name

  • declaration and origin of the property and gifts o(2010/03-L-151)
  • Declaration, Origin and Control of Property of Senior Public Officials and on Declaration, Origin and Control of Gifts of all Public Officials(04/L-050)
  • Declaration, origin and control of the property of senior public officials and declaration, origin and control of gifts for all official persons, amen(04/L-228)
  • Defamation and Insult(2006/02-L-65)
  • Department of Medicine Forensic (2009/03-L-137)
  • Determining the Rights And Protection of Topograph(2010/03-L-165)
  • Diaspora and migration(2011/04-L-095)
  • Diaspora of Kosovo(2010/03-L-171)
  • Digitalization of Terrestrial Broadcasting(05/L-027)
  • Disability Pensions(2003/23)
  • Dissolution of the Kosovo Protection Corps(2008/03-L083)
  • Driving Licence(05/L-064)
  • Dwelling and Emplacement(2007/02-L121)