Fourth Legislation Period (12.12.2010 - 07.05.2014)

Sreten Ivanoviæ

Sreten Ivanoviæ

Functions in the Assembly of Kosovo

      Parliamentary Group

    • SLS


    • JSL (JSL)

    Personal Data

    • Date of birth 16/09/1973
    • Married, father of three children


    • Graduated lawyer, magister of science, on 19.05.2009, he defended the magister thesis ”Foreign investments in the function of increase and development of the enterprise”.
    • Preparing the professional exam for job at state bodies.

    Past and Present Activities and Functions

    • From 1999-2002 director of Directorate for Urbanism and property-legal issues at the Municipality of Artana. From 2002-2008 Head of Executive at the Municipality of Artana.
    • From 2008-2011 director of Directorate of Administration and personnel at the Municipality of Artana

    Other languages than mother tongue

    • Albanian and English


    • village Triqevc-Artana


    • 044 290 833