Fourth Legislation Period (12.12.2010 - 07.05.2014)

Safete Hadergjonaj

Functions in the Assembly of Kosovo

      Parliamentary Group

    • PDK


    • Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK)


    • Secondary school – economic-commercial branch in Deçan (1982)
    • Economic Faculty, Prishtinë (1987)
    • Pre-university studies – Management in Health, Prishtinë (2008)
    • Post-university studies – international relations and diplomacy in Albanian Diplomatic Academy, Tiranë (2005)

    Past and Present Activities and Functions

    • Trainer of IKAP in the field of budget and finances, November 2005
      "Hope Fellowship", Kosovo Program for Leadership from Albanian-American National Council 2004-2005
      General Public Management, 2004-2005
      Building of functions of Kosovo Public Administration, Rome, Italy, 2002
      Management of health sector, Budapest, Hungary (2003)
      Management of personnel in Kosovo Public Service, December 2002, November 2003
      Management of Public Administration, 2002

    • Professional Experience

    • Teacher of economic subjects in secondary school "V. Frashëri", in Deçan (1987-1994)
      Director of NTSHP "Diona" in Deçan (1994-1998)
      Manager of Finances in Ministry of Finances in Provisional Government in Kosovo (1999-2000)
      Adviser in Municipal Assembly in Deçan (2000-2002)
      Official for political issues in the Prime Minister's Office (August-November 2002) -
      Director of Administration in Ministry of Trade and Industry 2002-2004
      Deputy in the Assembly of Kosovo from 2004
      Vice-President of the Committee for Budget and Finances 2004-2007
      Vice-President of the Parliamentary Group of PDK (2007-2010)
      Member of the Committee for Budget and Finances (2007-2010)
      Member of the Committee for Economy, Trade, Industry, Energy, Transport and Telecommunication (2007-2009)
      Vice-President of the Committee for Supervision of Public Finances (2009-2010)

    • Political Activities

    • Collaborator of the Committee of the Deçan of the organization LNÇKVSHJ 1980-1981
      Activist of LPRK and later on of LPK (1984-1999)
      Member of the PDK Presidency from 2002
      Member of the Steering Board of PDK since 2000
      Member of the Steering Board of Kosovo Democratic Woman
      Vice-President of PDK branch in Deçan, since 2000




    • Deçan


    • 044 126 145