List of the Deputies of the Kosovo Assembly

Second Legislation Period (23.11.2004 - 12.12.2007)

Nekibe Kelmendi

Functions in the Assembly of Kosovo


    • Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK)

    Personal Data

    • Date of birth 11/05/1944 in Pejë/Peæ, Kosovo
    • Widow


    • Faculty of Law and Bar Exam

    Past and Present Activities and Functions

    • 1963–1964: Teacher of Physics at Elementary School in Raushiq, Peja/Peæ, Municipality
    • 1966–1968: Housing Enterprise, Admin Officer
    • 1968–1987: Judge at Prishtinë/Priština Municipal Court (one year) and at the District Court of Prishtinë/Priština
    • 1974–1976: Lawyer (first female lawyer in the history of Albanian women in Kosovo)
    • 1974-1976: Kosovo Bar Association, Secretary
    • 1994–2000: Lawyer in Bajram Kelmendi’s Office
    • 2000–2001: UNMIK Legal Department, Co-Head
    • 14 December 1989: Co-founder of the Council for the Defence of Human Rights and Freedoms
    • 23 December 1989: Co-founder and Member of the first LDK Presidency
    • 1998–2002: LDK, General Secretary
    • Author of many professional publications from the field of human rights, on situation in Kosovo and legal field, among which the most important is the publication titled “Kosovo under the Burden of Discriminating and Anti-constitutional Laws of Serbia – Facts and Proofs.” This text was included in one of the UN resolutions on Kosovo (1992)


    • Rr. “Bajram Kelmendi” Nr. 60, Prishtinë/Priština