Fifth Legislation Period (17.07.2014 - 10.05.2017)

Kadri Veseli

Kadri  Veseli

Functions in the Assembly of Kosovo

    Parliamentary Group

  • PDK


  • Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK)

Past and Present Activities and Functions

  • President of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo
    President of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK)

  • Mr. Veseli was elected as President of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo in December 2014 and as President of Democratic Party of Kosova (PDK) in May 2016. Before his election as Vice President of PDK in January 2013, Mr. Veseli for almost a decade partnered with international community in the field of security, peace building and stability in fragile post-war Kosovo. He was also one of the main figures of Kosovo Liberation Army, and in the same time he supported the Rambouillet peace process actively. In this process Mr. Veseli served as an external advisor to the Kosovo delegation. Mr. Veseli was one of the young leaders of student movements between 1988 - 1990 against the violation of human rights of Albanians in Kosovo, and the recognition of the right to independence. Mr Veseli is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He and his wife Violeta are the proud parents of four children - three sons and a daughter.