Fourth Legislation Period (12.12.2010 - 07.05.2014)

Ramë Vataj

Functions in the Assembly of Kosovo

      Parliamentary Group

    • PDK


    • Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK)

    Personal Data

    • Date of birth 24/04/1967 in Sallagrazhdë
    • Married


    • Doctor of chemistry sciences (2000-2004, at the University de Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse, France)
    • Diploma of postgraduate studies (1999-2000, UHA, Mulhouse, France)
    • 1986-1990- Faculty of Mathematics- Natural Sciences, Department of Chemistry, University of Prishtina

    Past and Present Activities and Functions

    • 1991-Teacher at the secondary school “Jeta e Re’- Therandë 1992- Assistant at the FMNS, Department of Chemistry, UP (till 1999) 2004-2006 – Research and education cooperator at the University de Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse, France 2006 – Professor at the University of Prishtina

    Other languages than mother tongue

    • French language (writing-reading), very good
    • English Language (satisfactory level)
    • Serbian and Croatian Language - good


    • Sallagrazhdë, Therandë


    • 044 139 763