Fourth Legislation Period (12.12.2010 - 07.05.2014)

Muhamet Mustafa

Muhamet Mustafa

Functions in the Assembly of Kosovo

      Parliamentary Group

    • LDK


    • Koalicioni për Kosovë të (KKR)


    • Doctor of sciences- management of development
    • Postgraduate studies on theory and policy of economic development, Economic Faculty
    • Specialization studies in France, USA and Great Britain

    Past and Present Activities and Functions

    • Professor at AAB-Riinvest University and University of Prishtina Chairman of the Institute Riinvest and co-founder of it Director of the Kosovo Road Fund Journalist and publicist Minister in the Government of Kosovo and in former Yugoslav federation, (till in February 1989, when he starts acting against Milosevic’s politics) He has published seven monographs and university texts, over 30 scientific articles and over 40 study reports in Albanian and English Language

    Other languages than mother tongue

    • English, French and Serbian Language


    • Prishtinë


    • 044 234 033