Fourth Legislation Period (12.12.2010 - 07.05.2014)

Latif Gashi

Functions in the Assembly of Kosovo

      Parliamentary Group

    • PDK


    • Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK)

    Personal Data

    • Date of birth 12/09/1961 in Dobërdol, Podujevë
    • Married. Has there children


    • Faculty of Law in University of Prishtina
    • Graduated Lawyer

    Past and Present Activities and Functions

    • Political Adviser in Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (March-October 2009) First Political Adviser of KSF Minister (August 2008- March 2009) Senior Official of Kosovo Intelligence Service- General Director (June 1999- June 2008) Vice-Commander of Fifth zone of KPC (1999-2001) Chief of Military Service in ZOLL of KLA (1998-1999) Member of guerrilla in KLA (the end of year 1996 and beginning of year 1997) Secretary in Primary School “Azem Bejta”, in Kërpimeh (1992) Secretary in Primary School “J.Gashi” in Dobërdol (1993-1998) General Brigade nominated by HQ of KPC Colonel nominated by UN`s SRSG

    Other languages than mother tongue

    • English language


    • Prishtinë


    • 044 506 820