Third Legislation Period (13.12.2007 - 03.11.2010)

Ramë Buja

Functions in the Assembly of Kosovo


    • Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK)

    Personal Data

    • Date of birth 05/12/1958 in Bujan (Lipjan)
    • Married with three children


    • Doctor of Political Sciences (University of Pristine, February 2006);
    • Master of Juristic Sciences (University of Pristine, March 2004);
    • Graduated Economist (University of Pristine, July 1993);
    • Professor of Albanian Language and Literature (University of Pristine, February 1990);
    • Technical Secondary School, (Lipjan, June 1977). Different intensive trainings in Slovenia, Rumania and USA.

    Past and Present Activities and Functions

    • At present: Chairperson of Parliamentary Group of PDK party;
    • Deputy and Member of Presidency of the Assembly of Kosovo (Second Legislation, from November 2004);
    • Political Adviser in the Ministry of Public Services (March 2003- October 2004);
    • Co-administrator of Department of Local Government (February 2000-July 2000);
    • Minister in the Ministry of Local Government (Provisional Government, April 1999-February 2000);
    • Member of Headquarters of KLA and member of Political Board of KLA Headquarters ( November 1998-April 1999);
    • Chief of the Board for Public Relationship and Civil Administration in Headquarters of KLA ( June 1998- April 1999);
    • Member of Kosovo Delegation in the Conference of Rambuje (February, March 1999);
    • Teacher in the Professional Secondary School in Shtime, Lecturer at AAB University, in Pristine, at Art and Social Sciences College „FAMA“, in Pristine, at Albanian Diplomatic Academy, in Tirana and at the Art and Social Sciences College, in Pristine (science cooperator).
    • He is a member of NISPA – Network of Institute and Schools Public Administration of Central and South-East Europe.
    • Published books:
    • "Conference of Rambuje" (Political, legal and international aspect), (Surveying, Masters thesis),
    • September, 2006 and "Matters of Kosovo and Destruction of Yugoslavia" (Surveying, PHD-thesis dissertation),
    • January 2007, as well as other considerable analytics articles in Daily Papers and Periodicals of the time (from 1992 and further).

    Other languages than mother tongue

    • English (average),
    • Serbo-Croatian (fluently)


    • Pristina