List of the Deputies of the Kosovo Assembly

Second Legislation Period (23.11.2004 - 12.12.2007)

Behxhet Brajshori

Functions in the Assembly of Kosovo


    • Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK)

    Personal Data

    • Date of birth 11/08/1958 in Sharban - Prishtina
    • Married


    • Degree in Economics – July 1982, MA of Economic Sciences, 1990 and the Albanian Diplomatic Academy in Tirana, 2005.

    Past and Present Activities and Functions

    • Senior professional collaborator in the Entity for Economic Development in the field of energetic and coloured metals 1983-1990
    • Co-chair of the Department of the Public Services 2000-2002
    • ex nperience in management, administration and finance in economic enterprises 2000-2002
    • Minister of Culture, Youth, Sport and Non-residential Matters 2002-2004
    • Deputyminister in Ministry of Economy and Finance since March 2006.
    • Senior professional collaborator in the Economic Institute in Prishtina, author and co-author of a lot of scientific work from the field of economic sciences, as well as the independent scientific researcher in Economy.

    Other languages than mother tongue

    • English
    • Serbian
    • Croatian


    • Prishtina


    • 038/244-177 i 044/507–0