List of the Deputies of the Kosovo Assembly

First Legislation Period (17.11.2001 - 23.11.2004)

Hashim Thaçi

Functions in the Assembly of Kosovo


    • Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK)

    Personal Data

    • Date of birth 24/04/1968 in Burojë, Skenderaj/Srbica
    • Married, father of a son


    • Faculty of Philosophy, Department of History
    • Postgraduate studies in the University of Zurich; History of South East Europe and International Relations

    Past and Present Activities and Functions

    • Director of the KLA Political Directorate
    • Prime Minster of the Interim Government of Kosovo
    • President of PDK

    Other languages than mother tongue

    • German
    • English


    • Rr. Metush Krasniqi, Nr. 22, Arbëria, Prishtinë/Priština